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NSFW Animation Update!

Posted by QueenComplex - November 30th, 2020

I just finished an animated loop where Velma gives boobjob to Sam from the ScoobyNatural Crossover


but for now it'll be available to my supporters on QueenComplex.Net

However when ever I make a new animation for my site I always post here an older exclusive one...

So I've just posted this Chel from Road to ElDorado animated loop on Newgrounds!


Also members on my site get to participate in a poll for my next animation loop

The candidates in the current poll are...

Fionna from AdventureTime

Demona from Gargoyles

Daphne from ScoobyDoo

WonderWoman from JLU

Jasmine from Aladdin

Harley & Ivy from Batman TAS

and Jessica Rabbit



Comments (8)

the scoobynatural crossover?
its cool that someone as high quality as you knows about it

That was when both series peaked for me XP

ive watched the recent Happy Halloween scooby doo movie (the one with elvira) and i felt it was pretty fun
not serious like scoobynatural could do but it was a pretty fun one. and it is the first time mystery inc faces a batman villain by themselves, without batman.

speaking of which, the 2018 movie crossover with Batman the Brave and the Bold is a funny movie. tough it did felt more like like a Batman movie than a scooby doo one, i'll admit

on the other hand, the two movies retconning the 13th ghosts animated episodes and the zombie island.... no, just no

Yeah, I should definitely watch the Elvira one.
I missed that one and forgot afterwards.

of the pile, the elvira one is the higher quality that has been produced since scoobynatural

the current tv series just doesn't even come close. the celebrity guest per episode could be an interesting gimmick but most of them are unknown celebrities beyond the US and few are toon enough for a cartoon.


Possibly one of those posts that could use a NSWF in the title hmm. ;) Love this though, atmospheric and detailed too, small things like the glasses reflecting light like that... great loops.

Thank you,
Yeah, I thought it was odd that NG doesn't give me a rating to tag on blog posts yet they give me a chance to post this on the main page once every 14 days.
I'll add NSFW when appropriate from now on.

Yeah those ratings for newsposts would be useful sometimes. :) The manual NSFW note in case of NSFW content is one of those things that's been in the forum guidelines from the beginning, but we don't really have a guide when it comes to news. Something to work on there hmm. Sounds good!

@gharz @QueenComplex i forgot about this movie too, and im a big Elvira fan 0_0

ive never really seen elvira before that
ive only heard about her on the net