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QueenComplex's News

Posted by QueenComplex - 2 weeks ago

While I spent most of the last month finishing the "Uninvited Guest" audiobook video. I have managed to accumulate some exclusive content for my site supporters on QUEENCOMPLEX.NET


Starting off with a new Ariel Animated loop that essentially is a remake of my drawing "Catch"

The full uncropped version does also have audio.


I've also drawn a very lewd part 2 to my Halloween Zatanna pinup.


Currently, I'm working on a sequel to "Join",

which essentially is a remake of my drawing "Fun" from back in 2017.


BTW, as a Site Supporter, you can see the fully nude versions of pretty much all my drawings.

Finally, I'd like to mention that I have 2 Big Drawing Polls for my supporters

- a PINUP poll and a SEX SCENE Poll.

I'll be drawing the Top 2 runner-ups for both polls, so 4 in total.





More info about each candidate can be read by anyone on my site by clicking here!



Posted by QueenComplex - November 13th, 2021

Mainly just wanted to post a quick update on 2 things that have been going on for my site supporters on QUEENCOMPLEX.NET

Firstly, I've posted another big Poll for a "DCember" event where I'll be drawing only DC characters through out the December.

Here are all the candidates that were mostly suggested by my subscribers.


You can read a more detailed description about each option on my site by CLICKING HERE.

I will draw as many of the top runner ups as I can for the month of December not just the 1st place holder.

In the meantime I am still making progress on the Tangled Story Time Book - "Uninvited Guest"



As of writing this, I still just need to make the 10th and the title page before the drawing part is completed.

Then I will start work on the visual audio book for which I am already in talks with BordeauxBlack

She can do an awesome Gothel impression!



Posted by QueenComplex - November 2nd, 2021

Now that October has come to an end, here are some Halloween Polled drawings that I didn't post here and kept exclusive to My Supporters on QUEENCOMPLEX.NET


Firstly, I made another Mavis drawing, which is a direct sequel to "Wine" and "Spill"

It's actually a 2 panel drawing.


I also drew POV Hex Girls piece where they smile for the camera as they get railed by the viewer.


I also drew and kept the a second panel exclusive for "Nightmare" which is a behind angle close up of their vaginal pentation.

For November I'll mainly focus my efforts on finally finishing the my Tangled Story Time book - "Uninvited Guest"


I am still expecting to also turn it into a Voice Acted Visual Audio Book and release it here on Christmas.

However, while I'll be focusing on the "book", in parallel I've also started making preparations for a similar Poll like the Halloween one but with DC characters!

I've only started the qualifications by asking all my subscribers for suggestions/requests, but so far the list of candidates looks like this...

Raven & Starfire [TeenTitans 2003]

Inque [Batman Beyond] (Member Request)

Zatanna x Demons [Justice League]

Robin x Ivy & Harley Quinn [Batman TAS] (Member Request)

Starfire x Raven [DC Animated movies 2016-2017]

Black Canary x Green Arrow & Huntress x Question [Justice League Unlimited]

WonderWoman x SuperGirl x Amazonian [Justice League Unlimited]

...I expect the list to greatly expand.

I'll draw as many of the top polled runner-ups as I can through out December, which is why I'm calling it the DCember Poll.

Finally, I'd like to mention that I went back to all my GIFs posted here and replaced them with lighter versions so that no version would be above 6mb.


and I also finally posted the "Strong" gif.



Posted by QueenComplex - October 10th, 2021


Sorry for the month long inactivity on Newgrounds, but I've been really busy, you guys!

For example, I just finished THIS new Daphne and Velma Animation Loop for Halloween 2021.

Right now the full thing is exclusive to My Site Supporters on QUEENCOMPLEX.NET, but I will post it here on the 31st of October!

Besides that I've been spending most of September on my Tangled Story Time book - Uninvited Guest



It has spiraled into something much bigger than initially planned o_0

I'll probably have a Graphic Audio Book Video at the end of this.

Really hope to have it finished it in November!

However, now I'll be posting a LOT in runup to Halloween 2021

I recently locked down my Big Halloween Subscriber Poll and I'll be drawing as many top candidates as I possible can before October ends!

Here is the looong list of resultsiu_442570_7163990.webp

You can read more on my site here - https://queencomplex.net/results-for-the-big-halloween-poll-of-2021/

However, since Zatanna beat out everyone else...

For December I'm going to have a similar Poll for my Subscribers, but with only DC characters

...and I'll call it The Big DCember Poll!

Only My Site Subscribers will get to request and vote for the candidates, so idk, maybe you too consider supporting me on QUEENCOMPLEX.NET and participate.




Posted by QueenComplex - September 11th, 2021


Here is what I plan to do for this Halloween season...

Firstly, I will do a Daphne and Velma Animated Loop with a narrative based off from my "BeDeviled" drawing

Once it is done, I will go on a streak of drawing Halloween pieces back to back...

and those drawings will be decided by my site supporters on QUEENCOMPLEX.NET in my biggest poll yet


You can read more about each candidate by clicking here

The poll will be concluded when I finish the Velma and Daphne Animated Loop which should be around the 10th - 15th of October



Posted by QueenComplex - August 12th, 2021

Time for another (BIG) update on all the new content I did for my supporters on my site - QueenComplex.Net

However, the game has been taking so much of my I attention that I will change these monthly updates to bi-monthly as of now.


First, did a whole new Wonder Woman x Batman animation loop! I’m really proud of this one as the animation was significantly more complicated than the 2 previous ones.


Second, I finally found a writer for my Tangled Storytime book “Uninvited Guest”! The amazing writing is all thanks to @LydiaBrim! However, the whole project turned out to be bigger than expected, spanning 10 pages +cover and, as you can see, there still are some placeholder panels that will need to be done.


Third! Here is the June Sex Scene Polled drawing of Gwen Stacy. A Slut-Gwen in a gangbang meant to contrast my previous GF Gwen piece.


Forth, I also decided to do a 2nd place holder of the June Sex Scene Poll as well - Elsa & Anna x Kristoff.


Fifth! I did a 4th instalment for my Batman x Catwoman & Batgirl set, as it won the July Sex Scene Poll! The first two parts are public – Message and Received


At this moment, I’m working on the second-place holder of that same July Sex Scene Poll – Wilykit and Wilykat x Cheetara with aged up 80s designs.


I have already done a public reveal for my Super Top Secret NSFW Game – Estate of the Late (Laid). However, not all characters have yet been revealed publicly and for two of those characters (Rainah and Daniel) I did a pretty big NSFW concept art comic.


Finally, like I’ve been mentioning before in this same post, I hold exclusive polls on my site. Two types of them – Pinup and Sex Scene polls. Right now, a Pinup Poll is happening with these wonderful candidates! You can read in more detail about how I’ll draw each one here - https://queencomplex.net/august-2021-pinup-poll-1/

As you can see by the “Member Requests” in the brackets, site subscribers get to submit their requests for the poll too!



Posted by QueenComplex - June 4th, 2021

 For this monthly update here is all the new content I did for my supporters and can be viewed in full on my site QueenComplex.Net.


 First! I did a whole new animated loop with Jessica Rabbit! However, it is still exclusive to my site members.


 Second, I did the 1st place holder of my site’s May Sex Scene PollGwen Stacy! While I wanted to capture that GF Gwen appeal with this one, I’m also planning on doing another one which will be a lot sluttier.


 I added a 3rd installment in my little Tangled (Rapunzel and Gothel) series of pictures which hopefully I can make into a little storybook-like final product. I really want to find someone I can commission to write a little fanfic in rhyme lol


 Now, however, I’m working on the second-place holder of my site’s May Sex Scene Poll – Shego from Kim Possible. It will also be exclusive to my site.


 The Super Top Secret NSFW Game Concept Art has also seen a big update this month! I added several new characters to my main cast.


 Finally, like I’ve been mentioning before in this same post, I hold exclusive polls on my site. But recently I have divided them so that there are two kinds of polls – one for Sex Scenes and another for Pinups for subscribers to vote on each month.

Currently for my PINUP POLL the candidates are…

  • Noodle [Gorillaz (band)]
  • Hekapoo [Star vs Evil] (Member Request)
  • Eris [Sinbad] (Member Request)
  • Inque [Batman Beyond] (Member Request)
  • Nicole Watterson & Yuki [Amazing world of Gumball]
  • XJ9 in Human Suit [My Life as a T3enage Robot]
  • Starfire x Raven [DC Animated movies 2016-2017] (Member Request)
  • Penelope Spectra [Danny Phantom] (Member Request)
  • Tron Bonne [Megaman Legends] (Member Request)
  • M0mmy Mearest & Girlfriend [Friday Night Funkin]
  • Lord Dominator x Queen Tyr’ahnee [Wander Over Yonder x Duck Dodgers]

As you can by the “Member Requests” in the brackets, site subscribers get to submit their requests for the poll too!

 Check my older entries HERE



Posted by QueenComplex - May 3rd, 2021

 So, time for my monthly Site Content Update! Here is all the new content I was working on for my supports on QueenComplex.Net.


 First, the site has a more explicit version of this Lola Bunny piece with Monstars.


Second, I did another quick piece with Franky which also is bit more explicit than my previous two public Foster pieces.


 Third, I made a part 2 with Kim, Shego, Bonnie, and Ron to my "Tease" piece


...which also has an exclusive topless version for my site subscribers.


 As part of my Super Secret NSFW Game Concept Art, I’ve been working on a small comic featuring my new two characters Dorothy and Angelica.


 Finally, I would like to remind that QueenComplex.Net subscribers get to participate in Polls for my pinups.

The current one is between...

Noodle [Gorillaz (band)]

Hekapoo [Star vs Evil] (Member Request)

Inque [Batman Beyond] (Member Request)

Eris & Ms Butterbean [Grim Adventures] (Member Request)

Nicole Watterson / Yuki [Amazing world of Gumball]

XJ9 in Human Suit [My Life as a Teenage Robot]

Starfire x Raven [DC Animated movies 2016-2017] (Member Request)

Katty & Kitty Katswell x Dudley [TUFF Puppy] (Member Request)

Princess Daphne and Kimberly [Dragons Lair x Space Ace] (Member Request)

Elsa x Kristoff [Frozen] (Member Request)

Site subscribers get to submit their requests for the poll. And as you can see, those here are the one with “Member Requests” in the brackets.

Check my older entries HERE



Posted by QueenComplex - April 7th, 2021

Here are all the content I've made exclusively to my supporters on

QueenComplex.Net since my last Site Content Update post


Firstly, I finished a new DCAU Animated Loop with Livewire.

In this one she gets a taste of Black Lightning TM and quite likes it.


Secondly, I made a part 2 to my "Intruder" drawing featuring Repunzel and Gothel


I made a new non-con drawing of Esmerelda where she pays city guards her toll.



I've been making Concept Art for what hopefully will become my own NSFW game.


Finally, I'd like to remind that QueenComplex.Net subscribers get to participate in Polls for my pinups.

Next poll is going to have..

Lord Dominator [Wander Over Yonder]

Noodle [Gorillaz]

Josie; Valerie and Melody [Josie and the Pussycats / Hannah Barbera]

Jane & Judy Jetson [The Jetsons / Hannah Barbera] 

Hekapoo [Star vs Evil] (Member Request)

Eris [Sinbad] (Member Request)

Lola Bunny [Space Jam]

Inque [Batman Beyond] (Member Request)

Eris & Ms Butterbean [Grim Adventures] (Member Request)

Nicole Watterson / Yuki [Amazing world of Gumball]

As you may notice many of them are "Member Requests", that is because subscribers get to submit their requests for the poll!

Check my older entries HERE



Posted by QueenComplex - February 15th, 2021

Recently I finished a new Demona animation loop...


I made it really flashy and epic but the cropping doesn't do it justice.

However, for now the full audio version is exclusive to my supporters on QueenComplex.Net

without who I could not afford to do animation like this.

Instead I'm posting here a much older animation from my site featuring Starfire!

You can view it here right now!